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worried about $   
09:09am 08/12/2004
  dr this week = $110
dr next week = $350

dr this week started to write up an order for me to have blood work and a CAT scan done. I do not have insurance till Feb if I last that long.

I'm stressing, I feel horrible, and I have lost weight :/
10:48am 06/12/2004
  I have an appointment with a general dr later today.
Then next monday, if I still need it depending on what the dr today thinks, I have an appointment with a neurologist.

I think the only thing I have been doing well when I do it is sleep.
I haven't been able to eat much of anything if anything at all for the past week or so.
Soup, humus, icecream and smoothies.

I'll let you all know what is going on when I find out :)
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happy late thanksgiving   
02:52pm 29/11/2004
mood: disappointed
I still do not have internet in my apartment, And I probally never will. So I will update when I can.

Right now I am taking a 15 min lunch break. Only my face is hurting really bad today. It hurts when I chew my soft bagel. It is just throbbing today.

I keep having dreams about my teeth being loose or falling out. And I keep having the dreams in which I am in my bed and I cannot breath and I realize I am dreaming and I try to wake myself up but I am paralized.

I am so hungry :/

The pain started to get worse over thanksgiving. I am now trying the all day aleve stuff. One is supposed to last 12 hours. Lets see if one works or if I have to do two.

I miss having people to talk and write to all the time. Someone write to me.
real quick   
11:37am 17/09/2004
  I have an interview tuesday at 230pm with New Target in the DC/VA area :)

I'm stressing a little, trying to get things together.
Just got my train ticket to leave tomarrow morning at 6am, so I dont have a lot of time to get a portfolio type thing together. ahh...

Wish me luck!!!
blah and gah   
01:55pm 06/09/2004
  very tired of living at home and now that both parents are irrational it is making it harder.

i am getting theorpy for my anxietyelf disorder but then coming home and being made to feel like shit for a week is not helping the depression end.

once i know for sure if the county will help pay the dr bills then i will get help for both. but right now i cant afford much of anything.
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ebaying to try to get $?   
05:29pm 05/08/2004

custom painted shoes.
7312004 1133pm   
11:30pm 31/07/2004
  - 2 eggs with garlic
- buttered toast
- orange juice

- chicken
- broccoli and collifor(?)
- rice
- water

- buttered toast
- water

- tiramasu(?)
- fruit and almond tea
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05:01pm 27/07/2004
  http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=3495509909&ssPageName=ADME:B:LC:US:1]3 shirts for sale

CD, $5 each - this includes shipping (for us anywho heh)

--- Billie holiday - god bless the child
--- Billie holiday - love songs
--- Billie holiday - the billie holiday song book
(used to like her, i dont much anymore)

--- solid gold hits of the 50s

--- Orgy - Candy Ass

--- Take That - nobody else
--- Spice Girls - Spice (yes laugh :) )
--- ATC - planet pop
--- Deep Blue Something - Home
--- Crowded House - together alone
--- Best of the Stray cats
--- Best of the Culture Club
--- Richard Marx - repeat offender
--- Amy Grant - heart in motion

--- Braveheart soundtrack

--- Astral Voyage - meditation cd
--- Music for rexlation 2 cd set tropical and amazon rain forest

--- Dixie Chicks - wide open spaces
--- Kenny Chesney - I will stand
--- Toby Keith - Dream walking
--- Lorrie Morgan - shakin things up
--- Bryan White - between now and forever
--- Alan Jackson - everything I love
--- collin raye - i think about you

if interested in anything, let me know in a comment.
01:52pm 27/07/2004
food this weekend   
11:10pm 25/07/2004
  1st yesterday was my mom's side family reunion :)

- brunch
--- tea
--- cream of mushroom with mushrooms, celery, carrots
--- st. johns wort
- dinner
--- little bit of everything
--- lots of cookies
--- water
- midnight movie watching snack:
--- spinich ravioli
--- broccoli salad
--- st. johns wort

- breakfast:
--- allergy meds
--- st johns wort
- lunch:
--- wedding soup
--- hawaiian punch
--- pittsburgh fries
--- chicken tenders
- dinner:
--- chicken, beans, carrots, rice
--- almond tea
--- st. johns wort
- snack:
--- chocolate chip cookie
--- popcorn
11:31pm 11/07/2004
  I want to apply to be a designer on trading spaces.

where do I go to do that?

I want to have an exhibit at the mattress factory.

think I am good enough to get in there?

I want to be comfortable with me.

Where do I .. How do I ...
food and things   
11:38pm 07/07/2004
  I keep forgetting to keep track of my food and things.

- waffle
- st johns wort
- orange juice

- ... coffee chiller thingie do.. i know not good

- beef
- noodles
- beans
- water
- st johns wort

- dirt

- 15 pushups on stairs
- walking around the mall
- crunches
- calf muscle thingies
screwed up.   
03:28pm 06/07/2004

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01:31am 31/05/2004
  - pain killers
- toast with butter

- cherrios with strawberries

- hamburger
- beans
- potato salad
- fudge

- 12 pushups on the stairs
- lots of napping
07:02pm 28/05/2004
- heh...

snack at 10:
- cookies and cream granola bar

- hot dog
- baked beans
- pasta salad
- chocolate cake with cherries
- chocolate delight
- rootbeer

- mocha truffle coffee

- tacos
- not sure what i'm drinking yet :)
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let me try to sum up   
06:51pm 27/05/2004
mood: creative
breakfast has been either:
- flat bread and butter
- scrammbled eggs
- orange juice
(and always allergy meds and st johns wort)

lunch sometimes is
- mac and cheese
- cereal
- a left over
- doughnut

dinner is always:
- whatever mom cooked... less jackie and I escape like we did the other night to see a movie.

- still at salvation army
- got rear ended badly may 13th, car is still in the shop
- missing Ben very much, havent seen him in 3-4 weeks
- packing and rearranging my room
- working on getting art into a craft store 20 mins from me
monday and 1st day of work   
01:44pm 26/04/2004
  • orange juice
  • b12 and b vitamins
  • little bit of coffee
  • flat bread with real butter

  • water
  • doughnut

  • an egg
  • flat bread with peanut butter
  • roasted peanuts in the shell
  • 2 brownies with icecream and strawberries

  • mom's tuna noodle casserole
  • water
  • peas

  • sorted lots today.. does that count?
  • few pushups and crunches, lost count
    for friday the 23rd   
    12:12pm 23/04/2004
    mood: distressed
  • english muffin with butter, cinnimon, sugar, and brown sugar lightly sprinkled on top
  • water

  • dunkin doughnut coffee
  • boston creme doughnut

  • mac and cheese
  • large salad
  • water

  • putting together a mini bookshelf
    Thurs the 22nd   
    07:10am 22/04/2004
  • 2 pototos sliced and baked with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper, and ginger at 450 for 30 mins.
  • orange juice

  • mini pizza supreme
  • french vanilla tea

  • 30 pushups on the stairs
  • 20 heel dips on the stairs
  • 20 crunches
    take one   
    01:18pm 20/03/2004
      This will be a journal helping me to keep track of dreams, sleep, exercise, and what I eat.